Single use items may be used for only minutes, but their impact on our environment can last thousands of years.

Recycling plays an important role in managing our waste, however just nine percent of plastics ever made have been recycled. The vast majority of disposable, single-use items – straws, cutlery, shopping bags, coffee cups, takeaway packaging, individual wrappers – end up in landfill or contaminating recycling streams. We need to refocus on reduction and avoidance.

Members of the Sustainable Destination Partnership, Better Buildings Partnership and CitySwitch are working to reduce single use items in their businesses and buildings. The pledge is voluntary, we’ll be demonstrating that Sydney businesses are committed to addressing the problem and working together to find solutions. We will be sharing resources and tips as well as celebrating success stories as this gains momentum.

City of Sydney

Craig Cavers, Hilton

Ashley Hayes, Merlin Entertainment

Jon Boys, The Star

Luke Jones, Sydney Opera House

We can show the world that Sydney businesses are leading the way to our zero waste future.

Download free resource below to help support your pledge.