Renewable Energy

Buying GreenPower is your fastest and easiest way to buy renewable electricity. Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are tradable renewable energy certificates that track renewable electricity generation. By buying GreenPower or LGCs you’ll help accelerate Australia’s transition to renewably-sourced energy.

GreenPower and Large-scale Generation Certificates

Going renewable

Single-use items

Working to reduce single use items in our businesses.

Project details

Food waste

Working to halve food waste in our businesses.

Project details

Sustainable procurement

The products and services we purchase have a profound impact on Sydney’s social, environmental and economic sustainability. Sustainable procurement makes purchasing decisions based on the lifecycle of goods and services, their value for money, and the long-term benefits they deliver society, the economy and the environment.

SDP is using its collective procurement power to work towards aligning our supply chains with our sustainability objectives. We are currently mapping our key suppliers, to identify existing best practice in sustainable procurement, and to develop tools and resources that encourage supply chain sustainability.

Water Efficiency

We partnered with Sydney Water to understand how water is used in our different building types and what we can do to be more efficient. Getting better at kitchen and bathroom cleaning, installing meters, as well as monitoring and optimising shower and tap flow rates are opportunities to conserve this scarce resource and save money

Water efficiency report

Best practice waste management

Understanding our waste is an important first step to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. We investigated best practice waste management tools commonly used in the commercial office sector and found that they are readily applicable to hotels, hostels, cultural institutions and entertainment venues. Using platforms like NABERS Waste and talking to our waste service providers about getting certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia will help us achieve our target of 70% diversion from landfill.

NABERS waste

GECA waste collection services

BBP operation waste guidelines